Application for the PPLH loan can be made by submitting the completed Form LH1A which can be downloaded from this website.

Duly completed application and accompanied with all the necessary documents as required will be processed within a reasonable time.

The term of the loan is for 20 years of which the first 5 years is for the establishment of the plantation or termed as development period while the repayment period starts immediately after year 15 to year 20. The period from the date of signing of the agreement to year 15 during which time a borrower is free from paying the loan is termed as the grace period.

Nine species of fast-growing commercial tree species have been listed as approved species under the Programme. These are: rubberwood, acacia, batai, binuang, kelempayan/laran, khaya, teak, sentang and bamboo.

Loan repayment involves several stages;
  • i. Early payment for latex harvested in the case of rubber trees, and early harvest of other species prior to the re-payment period.
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  • ii. Loan recovery starts immediately after the 15-year grace period. All loans shall be paid back within the next five years.
  • iii. In the case of bamboo species the re-payment starts from year six to year 15 from the approval.