Primarily research and development of forest trees plantation and rubber forest plantation need to be design towards tree species highest possible productivity. Of importance are as follows:

  • Species-site matching trials: Research on site suitability of the planted tree species to maximize yield is needed to evaluate the available range of planting materials and select the most suitable tree species for the area for next rotation.
  • Breeding & tree improvement program: It should aim towards improvement on growth rate (final yield), log quality, adaptability to sites, and resistance to pest and diseases.
  • Development of growth and yield model.
  • Development of tree species log volume table.
  • Establish a system for continuous and comprehensive collection of data on all costs and benefits associated with forest plantation.

Involvement of National Forestry and Rubber Research Organizations even if, there is a need to establish memorandum of understanding or contract agreements between forest management agencies and national research organizations for targeted research relevant to forest trees plantation planning and management.

With the intention to improve forest plantation management and disseminate invaluable information to the borrowers JPSM, FRIM, LGM, and FPDSB in collaboration with MTIB are to initiate the following studies:

  • Silviculture Manual: Guidelines on Practice of Commercial Forest Plantation
  • Growth and Yield Equations (Stand Volume Equation) of various Commercial Forest Plantation trees species.
  • Standard Growth Model: In Modelling the Crown Diameter and the Size of Final Crop Trees of Plantation-Growth Neolamarckia cadamba and Octomeles sumatrana.
  • Production of Planting Materials of Kelempayan (Noelamarckia cadamba) and Binuang (Octomeles sumatrana) by Leafy Stem Cuttings.
  • Strengthening the Potential and Commercialization of Endospermum malaccense (Sesenduk) as a Forest Plantation Species for Malaysia Furniture Industry.
  • Upgrading the Potential of Tree Biomass for Bio-fuel Production.

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