It is important to record information on our forest plantation (rubber or forest species) so that we know exactly where is our boundaries, total area hectarage, total area that already been develop, total number of trees and many other information that will help us to manage and plan for our plantation. 


GPS or Global Positioning System is a system and tool that been used on to get geographic information for certain area in semi-manual way. At FPDSB, for the time being we use Garmin GPS to record the boundaries, new area planted, and also tracking the road with accuracy around 15m. GPS were helpful aid, especially during early stages of plantation development whereas at this point the tress still small and will not interrupt the GPS to retrieving the signal from satellites.


This information would then been download using MapSource software to the computer. The data will be examined before we upload it into the database. The information that been process (from boundaries tracking and tree marking) would bring us to another information such as distance, number and total area that been developed (through simple analysis).



FPDSB also use other software that is ArcView, ArcGIS and ErdasImagine to update, improvise, checking vector data (point, line or shape sketch) and raster data (image/aerial photo). This activities were important to support plantation management process in order to do mapping and plantation analysis (statistic and decision-making tool).

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