Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is necessary prior to forest plantation soft loan facility as it is a mandatory requirement under Section 34A of the Environment Quality Act, 1974 for activities prescribed in the Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities) (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 1987.

The EIA is essentially a planning tool for preventing environmental problems during project implementation and provides measure or action needed to stabilize the environment. Similarly, for areas less than 500 hectares, such tool is termed as Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

The objectives of EIA are:

  • To examine and select the best from the project options available;
  • To identify and incorporate into the project plan appropriate abatement and mitigating measures;
  • To predict and determine the significant residual environmental impacts; and
  • To identify the environmental costs and benefits of the project to the community.     

To assist in the preparation of EIA reports, we may refer to “A Handbook of Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines” and “EIA Guidelines for Forestry’’ published by the Department of Environment (DOE), Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Malaysia.

The EIA procedures adopted in Malaysia consists of three major steps and are as follows:

  • Preliminary assessment of all prescribed activities ;
  • Detailed assessment of those prescribed activities for which significant residual environmental impacts have been predicted in the preliminary assessment ; and
  • Review of assessment reports.

According to the DOE's Client Charter, the period allocated for a review of a term of reference (TOR) and EIA report are as follows:

  • Term of Reference - 2 months
  • Preliminary EIA Report - 3 months
  • Detailed EIA Report - 5 months

The DOE maintains a list of experts who may be called upon to sit as members of any Review Panel established. The selections of experts depend on the areas of environmental impacts to be reviewed.

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